Francisco Madeira

🍃 Termwind v1.0 Released!

Termwind allows you to build unique and beautiful PHP command-line applications, using the Tailwind CSS API with an HTML Renderer. In short, it's like Tailwind CSS, but for the PHP command-line applications.

Termwind was created by Francisco Madeira and Nuno Maduro, and after almost three months of development Termwind v1.0 is available, and you can start using on your projects.

Checkout the repository on GitHub!


One of many things that annoyed all the CLI developers was to add some margin before the content, just to have some breathing room, without Termwind the only way was to add spaces before each line, now with Termwind you can just pass the class ml-2 and you will have two spaces on every line for that element, just like how we do for the browser.

This example shows how easy it is to create a beautiful CLI output, with simple knowledge of HTML and TailwindCSS.


Now, lets create an output just like PEST

For this example we will take advantage of the Laravel Framework Command with a blade view.


What's next? As v1.0 is ready to use on production. The future develoments we will focus on improving our documentation and provide a lot more use case examples.

Get involved! This is a community project and we are always looking for people to contribute.

As a joke I added to my Twitter Description "I built everything with HTML and CSS" and all of a sudden I start working on Termwind and the API is based around HTML and CSS classes. 😎